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The Double Edge

Galen Holcomb's long-running Star Trek: Intrepid novel The Double Edge continues on the TrekBBS and Ad Astra. Follow the epic tale as it heads towards its spectacular conclusion. While en route to the Kalandra sector, the beleaguered Tango Fleet stumbles upon the...

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Infinites Unbound

The story of Task Force Vanguard continues in Infinities Unbound, the third, electrifying installment of this epic United Trek event by Sam Redfeather, Michael Garcia and A.J. Gertner​. Don't miss the ongoing adventure on the TrekBBS. And check out the previous...

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United Trek on the G&T Show!

One of our biggest supporters (and supporter of Trek fanfiction in general) is Terrilynn S.!  As the co-host of the G&T Show, they'll often highlight titles from various fanfic authors and this week United Trek was in the spotlight briefly during their 178th episode. ...

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