Star Trek: Gibraltar is a fan fiction series, part of the United Trek shared universe of continuity, written by Sam Redfeather.

These stories are set aboard the Constitution class USS Gibraltar (NCC-1859), a starship mothballed in the 23rd century and resurrected during the waning days of the Dominion War to bolster Starfleet’s faltering numbers.

In the aftermath of that terrible conflict, the captain and crew of the Gibraltar struggle to keep the hard-won peace and maintain the increasingly fragile borders of the Federation.

They are not the best and the brightest ever assembled. Their ship is 90 years old, and outmatched by most modern craft. They are an average Starfleet crew striving to get the job done against tremendous odds during a dark chapter of Federation history.

All stories are hosted at the Ad Astra Star Trek Fanfiction Archive.  You can visit the series home page at Ad Astra.

Key Characters:


  • Embers of the Fire | Novel

    The aging starship Gibraltar is brought out of mothballs to assist in Federation humanitarian relief operations within post-Dominion War Cardassian territory. The crew quickly discovers not everyone shares the Federation’s vision for Cardassia’s future.

  • Geometries of Chance | Novel

    Dispatched to investigate the disappearance of a Starfleet vessel, the crew of the Gibraltar find themselves embroiled in a mystery whose significance catches the attention the upper echelons of Federation leadership. As forces beyond their comprehension converge on the enigmatic Pierosh star system, Captain Sandhurst and his crew must seek to unravel a tangled web of lies, plots, and divided loyalties that could ultimately spell doom for the entire quadrant.

  • Prophets and Loss | Novel

    Captain Sandhurst volunteers his ship and crew for a Federation mission of mercy led by Jean-Luc Picard of the Enterprise. They are headed back into the Briar Patch in order to stop the slaughter of the Son’a and Ba’ku at the hands of the Alshain.

  • Backup | Novella

    The Gibraltar is ambushed during a routine convoy escort, and engages in a desperate fight for survival in a crowded asteroid field. Will help arrive in time?

  • Between the Rock and a Hard Case | Short

    Donald Sandhurst and his nemesis, Captain Terrence Glover, meet for drinks and a few choice words at Quark’s.

  • Treacherous Waters | Novel

    Gibraltar is pulled from her duties in occupied Cardassian territory to escort a diplomatic mission to the Gamma Quadrant.  When tragedy strikes, Captain Sandhurst finds he and his crew isolated on the far side of the galaxy and faced with the very real possibility of re-igniting hostilities with the Dominion.

    However, unknown to Gibraltar, the starship Intrepid is also currently assigned to the Gamma Quadrant on a secretive mission of the utmost delicacy. Captain Aubrey and his crew must endeavor to discover the true nature of the threat that faces both ships, as well as avert a tragedy that could result in the deaths of billions.

  • The Chains of Error | Novel

    Stardate 54310.98: A very attractive Commander arrives at Starbase 375 near the Cardassian border to assume custody of a very dangerous prisoner… all by herself. They depart together in the runabout Sacramento; sixteen hours into their trip, they come under attack by the Maquis.

    Stardate 54311.8: The starship USS Gibraltar, while en route to a Federation convoy to the Rudyard Colonies, is diverted by the distress signal of the runabout Sacramento. Upon arrival, they find the runabout destroyed and an encrypted beacon points the way toward an escape pod. Now, Captain Sandhurst and his new executive officer, T’Ser, must deal with the formidable presence of Commander Ariel Elannis, and her prisoner, former Starfleet Captain Sabrina Diaz.

  • Task Force Vanguard: Part I: At the Gates | Novel

    It’s been two years since the end of the Dominion War. The Alpha Quadrant is still reeling in the aftermath of the most destructive interstellar war in over two millennia. The Romulan Star Empire teeters on the brink of economic and social collapse as the Klingons struggle to come to grips with a failing warrior ethos that has left their society riddled with nepotism and corruption. What remains of the Cardassian Union is in shambles with a road to recovery that will be measured in decades.

    As the great powers of the quadrant lick their wounds, the second-tier governments vie for position and spark a firestorm of ‘minor’ conflicts that further sap the strength of the beleaguered Federation. The Alshain/Son’a War, the Talarian Incursion, the Benzar Plebiscite Crisis, the Velk Incident, a resurgent Maquis movement and religious terrorism on Bajor… the crises mount as an overwhelmed Starfleet struggles to cope.

    Amidst this turmoil, a new shadow takes shape, a potential catastrophe the likes of which has never been seen in the Federation’s history. Keeping the truth of the impending danger from their wartime allies, Starfleet engages in a desperate plan that just might give the UFP the time it needs to meet the rising threat head on, and more importantly, on the Federation’s terms.

  • Task Force Vanguard: Part II: Scorched Earth | Novel

    As the surviving ships of Task Force Vanguard’s first wave struggle to stem the incoming tide of alien refugees, a foe from Captain Sandhurst’s past returns to make an already agonizing situation immeasurably worse. Conflicted by loyalties both new and old, Sandhurst and the crew of the starship Europa must battle to prevent the nearer reaches of the Delta Quadrant from collapsing into anarchy.

  • Task Force Vanguard: Part III: Infinities Unbound | Novel

    Donald Sandhurst has become one with the Amon, and in the aftermath of his defection and Ramirez’s assault on Europa, Operation Vanguard threatens to unravel. New leadership arrives in the Delta Quadrant with the goal of shaking up the status quo as waves of refugees threaten to overwhelm the task force’s meager resources. Can Pava Lar’ragos, wounded body and soul, rally Europa’s crew to continue the mission in the captain’s absence?

  • Gibraltar Vignettes | Vignettes

    A collection of short stories involving Gibraltar series characters.

  • The Long Road | Vignettes

    The life and times of the El Aurian Pava Lar’ragos.

  • Pedestal on High | Short

    A brief window into the young life of Ashok of Bolarus IX.

  • In Her Stead | Short

    A new captain assumes her first command, only to discover that the new ship already comes with its own ghosts.

  • Taking Leave | Short

    A dusty day for two mechanics on Cardassia Prime turns into something neither of them could have anticipated.

  • New Front, Old Wars | Short

    A news article detailing the events of Embers of the Fire.

  • A Matter of Faith| Novella

    Gibraltar comes to the assistance of a stricken freighter carrying a hunted religious order. Without Starfleet assistance, their young leader could create a diplomatic crisis for the Federation and Cardassia.