Star Trek: Dark Territory


Dark Territory is a Star Trek-based fan fiction series that takes place in the late 24th century created by Darkush. Dark Territory encompasses a large cast of characters and many settings for its adventures, but chief among the Dark Territory characters are Captain Terrence Glover and the crew of the Prometheus-class starship, USS Aegis. So far, the primary focus of the series has been the immediate post-Dominion War period. Dark Territory is a hard PG-13 series that often delves into adult subject matter. (Babylon 5, Space Above and Beyond, and new Battlestar Galactica are also heavy influences.)

Stories (in chronological order available as PDF downloads):

Last Stand | Short

In 2362 the USS Tombaugh encounters a strange alien vessel and first officer Deitra Glover and an away team are sent to investigate.

Parasite Eve | Novelette

Paranoia and rage fester aboard the Starship Renegade as Captain Tryla Scott and Lt. Terrence Glover, ship’s Operations Officer, become embroiled in the events of the TNG episode “Conspiracy.”

– Conspirata | Novel

In celebration of the ten year anniversary of United Trek, Dark Territory returns to a pivotal time in a young Terrence Glover’s Starfleet career, a time of doubt, and also of momentous decisions, not only for Glover, but for the fabric of reality itself. This story takes place after The Next Generation episodes “Conspiracy” and “The Neutral Zone”.

The Heart of the Matter | Short

Lt. Commander Terrence Glover gets more than he bargained for when he joins the Klingon warship Dorna as part of the Officer Exchange Program.

The Crucible | Novel

Commander Terrence Glover is torn between loyalty and ambition as he agrees to spy on his commanding officer who is suspected of supporting the Brigade, the forerunners of the Maquis.

– Staring Into the Abyss | Novella

Terrence Glover’s first major mission as captain of the Starship Cuffereunites him with an old friend and thrusts him right into the paranoia and danger caused by the return of the Borg. This story takes place concurrently with The Next Generation episode “Descent.”

The Needs of The One | Novel

Now a captain, Terrence Glover butts heads with his father, Admiral Samson Glover when he orders the Starship Cuffe on a very personal mission across the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Pride Goeth.… | Novelette

The Cuffe takes part in a pivotal battle of the Second Federation-Klingon War.

False Colors | Novel

Admiral Leyton’s attempted coup to wrestle away executive power from the president takes the Federation to the brink of civil war. As Starfleet officers turn on one another, Captain Terrence Glover finds himself stuck in the middle of a quickly escalating crisis.

Gods and Monsters | Short

Galactic jokester and omnipotent being Q, sends Glover and the Cuffe back in time to face an enemy none could have imagined.

Dust to Dust | Novelette

During the early stages of the Dominion War, Captain Glover endures a nearly unbearable loss. Grieving and filled with rage he takes the USS Cuffe behind enemy lines on a mission of vengeance.

Dancing with the Devil | Novella

Captain Glover is assigned a suicidal mission to prevent an alliance between the Dominion and the Phalkerian Domain.

Death Valley | Short

A young ensign faces her first trial by fire.

Maelstrom | Novel

Captain Glover must take action before a group of Alshain traitors are successful in assassinating their leader and align their people with the Dominion.

Corruption of Blood | Novella

Glover has to deal with a deteriorating domestic situation while simultaneously being caught in the middle of an underworld power struggle.

The Valley of Peace | Novel

The Aegis is assigned to transfer the Founder Leader to Nimbus III to stand trial for war crimes.

Under the Shadows of Swords | Novel

Dark forces conspire to destroy the Federation-Bajoran alliance as a new commanding officer takes the reins of the starship Aegis.

For Good Men To Do Nothing | Short

FNS reporter Jake Sisko travels into Alshain space, following up on rumors of war crimes being committed against the Son’a people.

Movements in Light and Shadow | Vignettes

In the aftermath of ‘Under the Shadows of Swords’, the crew of the Aegis have to pick up the shattered pieces of their lives.

Objects at Rest | Vignettes

The Aegis crew go on disparate paths of healing and self-realization as the universe around them splinters apart.

Objects in Motion | Vignettes

Captain Glover and his wife, Lt. Jasmine Glover, come to a fateful crossroads.

Fallout | Novel

The conflict against the Alshain and the Federation intensifies, placing the crews of the Enterprise and the Independence in a stand-off against an Alshain assault fleet while the crew of the Gibraltar races to save a planet of innocents caught in the crossfire.

Deep Space Nine: Signs & Portents | Vignettes

A series of vignettes following the post-Dominion War crew of space station Deep Space Nine as they navigate the turbulent political maelstrom created in the aftermath of the war.

Night Catches Us | Short

Terrence Glover’s last ditch effort to save his marriage.

Refugee Crisis: Stealing Fire | Novel

An encounter with an alien ship and a band of mercenaries willing to stop at nothing to unlock its secrets, turns personal for Erickson’sfirst officer Tai Donor when he encounters a person from his past.

Task Force Vanguard: No Win Scenario | Novelette

As Starfleet rushes to meet incoming droves of refugees from the Delta Quadrant, Captain Tan Erasia and Intercept Group Four encounter the inexorable, relentless, and mysterious Kothlis’Ka. With only the several ships of the intercept group standing between the alien fleet and the Alpha/Beta Quadrant, how will Captain Erasia deter the Kothlis’Ka while keeping the crews of the intercept group alive?

Task Force Vanguard: The Quality of Mercy | Novella

Captain Banti Awokou has returned to the Fleet after suffering a horrific attack. Now with a new ship and crew, but less confidence in his ability to lead them, Awokou is pitted between an avenging armada and a group of beneficent aliens perhaps harboring a deadly secret.