The Star Eagle Adventures


The Star Eagle Adventures is a fan fiction series based on Star Trek and chronicles the voyages of the USS Eagle and her crew. Set in the 2370s, the series focuses on individual adventures and the colorful characters that make up the senior staff of the Eagle.

The series was first introduced on the internet in 2005 at the TrekBBS fan fiction forum. There are currently three completed, novel-length stories and two more in early draft stages.

All stories, additional information on the ship and crew as well as other short stories can be found at and can be downloaded in various ebook formats.


Michael Owens, the captain of the starship Eagle, has to face a ghost from his past as he embarks on a mission that takes him beyond space and time.

Eagle uncovers the remains of an ancient super civilization and gets sucked into an intergalactic treasure hunt for a powerful artifact hidden eons ago.

It’s war and Eagle has been tasked to supply a distant outpost. What appears to be a routine mission at first, soon becomes a desperate struggle for the survival of the entire Federation.

Eagle is sent to deliver humanitarian aid to a potential new ally and Federation member. But soon Eagle and Bluefin find themselves in a race against time, trying to save an entire planet from civil war.

Eagle is tasked with constructing a hidden spy array within an unexplored nebula. Now a vicious killer is on the loose and the crew must unravel the mysteries within this place of beauty and death.

After two long hard years, the Dominion War is finally over. However on the remote planet Valeria, somewhere between Federation and Cardassian space, the battle rages on. Now it is up to Captain Owens and Eagle to end a pointless war and bring the troops home.

The crew of the Starship Eagle is drawn into an existential threat by a trans-dimensional race with sights on invading the galaxy but not before they have to deal with a deadly disease ravaging a colony world of the immensely xenophobic Krellonian Star Alliance.

Book 1 of the Quantum Divergence Trilogy

After locating a massive megastructure hidden deep within sub-space, Eagle and her crew travel across the quantum-verse with the help of the enigmatic Bensu, in a desparate mission to save the galaxy, and perhaps more.

Book 2 of the Quantum Divergence Trilogy

Agamemnon Voyages:

Amaya Donners has only just been given her first captaincy and already she has to face the biggest challenge of her career.


Tazla Star has to turn against her own when her former mentor has her repay a debt. Now Captan Akinola and the border cutter Bluefin are left with cleaning up the resulting mess.

10 years ago, the Starship Enterprise was transported over 60 thousands light-years to come face-to-face with what would become the Federation’s greatest nemesis. But now, as universes diverge, different choices have lead to a very different future. A novella celebrating 10 years of United Trek and featuring characters by Bry Sinclair, DarKush, Galen, Michael Garcia, Sam Redfeather and The LoneRedShirt.

Vignette Series:

A collection of seven short stories featuring the main characters from The Star Eagle Adventures.

The main characters from The Star Eagle Adventures meet familiar faces from the United Trek universe in this collection of ten short stories.

The Starship Eagle and her crew are coming home for the first time in over two years for long overdue shore leave. The third Eagle Vignette Series features ten short stories which follow the crew as they return home and face a new set of challenges.

Lower Deck Tales:

A crewman on Eagle falls madly in love with the spellbinding DeMara Deen.

A young ensign on Eagle fears that she is losing her mind when she keeps running into a man believed to be dead.

It’s just another routine day on Eagle for Ensign Srena.

A group of junior officers answer a distress signal from a Klingon ship. They discover the crew in a much worse condition than they were led to believe.

Two Eagle crewmembers have only a few hours to locate and recoup vital Starfleet technology left behind on an alien world.

The Talarians have invaded the Federation. Now the outcome of this new war may depend on the conscience of one freshman cadet.


Short Stories:

Michael Owens has only recently lost his first command. Now machinations are under way to secure him another. But Owens isn’t yet convinced that he deserves to sit in the big chair again.

Eagle has been dispatched to study the natural extinction of an entire civilization. But on Christmas Eve, anything can happen.

Captain Owens joins the Agamemnon, Aegis, Independence and Sutherland on a mission to hunt down Cardassian insurgents.

Has Captain Donners of the Agamemnon gone rogue? Owens and Eagle are sent to find out.

Eagle and Gibraltar are engaged in battle while a mysterious alien race watches and draws its conclusions.