Star Trek: Sutherland



Star Trek: Sutherland is a Star Trek-based fan fiction series that takes place in the late 24th century, created by David Falkayn. Star Trek: Sutherland involves the adventures of the captain and crew of the Nebula-class starship USS Sutherland (NCC-72015) within the United Trek Universe.

The series begins at the end of 2371 with Captain Elizabeth Shelby taking command of the Sutherland which has just completed a refit after being reassigned from her previous command, the New Orleans-class starship USS Malcolm Reed. Current adventures have taken ship and crew through most of 2372, with future adventures covering the Dominion War and its aftermath. Described by some in Starfleet as the “rowdiest ship in the fleet”, the Sutherland, both captain and crew, enjoy a reputation not only for surviving difficult and dangerous encounters and situations, but also for their frequently exuberant off-duty behavior.

Star Trek: Sutherland is a PG-13 series that very often treads into adult subject matter. An important running theme of this series is “family”. What is a family? Who belongs? Who doesn’t? Who decides who belongs and who doesn’t? Separations and reunions, quarrels and reconciliations, loneliness and alienation, happiness and sadness, birth and death, loss and recovery, all figure in the life cycle of families and readers will see all these themes and more in “Star Trek: Sutherland”.


  1. Shakedown Cruise | Novella

    Captain Elizabeth Shelby takes command of the USS Sutherland and its sometimes quirky crew.  Will she be able to mold her new command into a functioning team in time to meet the challenge presented by a previously unknown entity, or will her new command end before it has even begun?

  2. Shore Leave | Novella

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    After their mission in which they encountered the anomaly, Captain Shelby and the Sutherland pull into Deep Space Nine for some much needed rest and recreation. But, will Deep Space Nine and its crew ever be able to recover from the crew of the Suthy’s idea of “rest and recreation?

  3. Unraveling Forceful Patterns | Novella

    The USS Sutherland has been tasked with the mission of showing the flag at an academic conference attended by a former professor of Captain Shelby’s on Ekos where she and her old mentor will find that old horrors can sometimes die hard and that the Prime Directive is not something to be taken lightly.

  4. Ties That Bind | Novel

    Lieutenant Lavelle and Ensign Django undertake a quest to find out the fate of an old friend of Sam’s with the help of a few other old friends.

  5. Vigil | Vignettes

    A series of interconnecting vignettes that looks at the immediate aftermath of the rescue of Sito Jaxa.

  6. Messages from Earth | Novel

    The events and ramifications of Leyton’s coup attempt as portrayed in the Deep Space Nine episodes “Homefront” and “Paradise Lost” extended far beyond what was seen in those episodes. This story portrays the events of Leyton’s power grab as seen from the perspective of the Sutherland and its crew and their friends and allies.

  7. Rocks and Shoals | Novel

    Manuele Atoa and Solly Brin are both sent on undercover operations to crack a dangerous drug and weapons smuggling operation as the Sutherland welcomes its newest recruit and two captains find that they need to learn to cooperate with each other if their people are to survive.  A sprawling novel length story, this story guest stars the crew of the USS Bluefin along with a few other surprise individuals.

  8. Leading with Your Heart | Short

    Sometimes the Prime Directive can be a real pain…

  9. Absent Friends | Short

    Liz takes the Sutherland, along with the border cutters Bozeman and Scamp and the starship Renown into battle at Caernarvon. A battle that will exact a very high price as it changes the lives of all involved.

  10. Outta Sight | Short

    Take one holographic 1960s era lounge singer named Vic Fontaine, add one starship captain with a green feather boa named Elizabeth Shelby, stir well, and what do you get? Ring a ding ding!

  • Blind Ambition | Short

    Fresh out of Starfleet Academy, Ensign Elizabeth Shelby is assigned to USS Hornet. While on the Hornet, Ensign Shelby will have to make a choice, discovering in the process that we have to live with the consequences of our actions.

  • The Masks We Wear | Short

    A glimpse into some of the events of “Best of Both Worlds” from the perspective of Lieutenant Commander Shelby.

  • Plebe Year | Novella

    This Sutherland story gives us a look at a young Liz during her freshman year at Starfleet Academy where we get to see the beginnings of the hard-driving ambitious officer and also the sensualist and hedonistic woman.

  • Cold Comfort | Short

    Set during the darkest days of the Dominion War, Captain Elizabeth Shelby and her helmsman Sam Lavelle crash land on an uninhabited planet. With no means of escape and rescue becoming less and less likely, Shelby and Lavelle turn to each other for comfort and a chance to survive.

  • Mutatis Mutandis | Novella

    The recent events of Task Force Vanguard and the Refugee Crisis signal changes for all of Starfleet, including those who stay behind to protect the Federation. But as Morgan Bateson and the officers of the Sutherland and Perseus find out, the more things change, the more they stay the same