Tales of the Fleet


In the United Trek shared fan fiction universe, the category Tales of the Fleet is where stories are posted that either do not directly relate to any particular series or incorporates characters from various series very heavily.


  • Reflections on Acheron | ShortBy Hyperion

    Set in 2281, this is an early account of Kieran Forester’s career, when the Klingon Empire and the Federation were still mortal enemies. (The Kieran Forester Chronicles)


  • Border Dogs: The Merlin | NovellaBy The Lone Redshirt

    Commander Silas “Sonny” Parker has just taken command of the border cutter USS Merlin–a hard luck ship with a hard luck crew.  Can he whip ship and crew into shape while at the same time solving a potentially fatal mystery?  Find out in this tale set in the TOS era.


  • Task Force Vanguard: Regions of the Dark | NovellaBy Brother Benny

    Captain Nara Q’Rel takes command of the experimental starship Xu Fu and embarks on a mission deep into the Delta Quadrant.


  • To Dream the Impossible Dream | ShortBy David Falkayn

    Two young Border Service petty officers serving on an antique buoy tender seek more–and they get their wish in this short adventure story set in the TOS era.


  • Star Trek: The Lady and the Sword | Novella (incomplete)By The Lone Redshirt

    Captain Grace McAfee assumes command of the USS Excalibur, becoming the first female commanding officer of a Constitution class vessel.


  • These are the Inane Voyages | ShortBy Dnoth

    How many Star Trek clichés can you fit into one story?  Read this parody of the voyages of the USS Codependence and find out.


  • Damage and Consequences | ShortBy Dnoth

    The story of the Illyrian ship and crew left stranded by Captain Archer and the Enterprise following the events of the episode Damage.


  • Star Trek: Third Cutter Squadron – Talarian Incursion | VignettesBy Bry Sinclair

    In early 2377, the Talarian Republic launched their  first full-scale attack on the Federation in 20 years. The Third Cutter Squadron played a critical role in what became known as the Talarian Incursion, these are their stories.


  • Beginning Again | ShortBy The Lone Redshirt

    Lt. Daniel Norden arrives on the worn-down USS Kearsarge to begin a new assignment like no other.


  • Whoever Brings the Night | Novelette (incomplete)By Brother Benny

    The adventures of the medical ship Stonehouse under the command of Captain Morpheus Cole.


  • Rock Jockeys: Gold Plated Trouble | Novelette (incomplete)By The Lone Redshirt

    Set in the post Dominion War era, Rock Jockeys follows the travails and adventures of the crew of the SS Balaam, a civilian ore tug commanded by ex-Starfleet / ex-Maquis Daniel Carbo and his motley assortment of cargo haulers known in the trade as Rock Jockeys.