Tales of the USS Bluefin

Star Trek: Tales of the USS Bluefin is a fan fiction series about the captain and crew of a small border cutter, the USS Bluefin, set in the late 24th century in the immediate post-Dominion War period.  The series chronicles some of the adventures of Captain Joseph Akinola and the crew of the Bluefin. Due to instability following the Dominion War, the crew of the Bluefin is often called upon for escort and SAR missions far from her normal patrol area.

In many ways, the Starfleet Border Service performs a role similar to the modern-day U.S. Coast Guard. These men and women are not explorers, they are not diplomats, and they are not the front-line defenders of the Federation. But without Border Service crews on ships like the Bluefin, there would likely be more piracy, more smuggling, a larger slave trade, and fewer rescued space travelers.


  1. Semper Paratus
  2. Storms and Shadows
  3. Cascade Effect
  4. Through a Glass, Darkly
  5. Fatal Distraction
  6. Crossroads
  7. Future Tense
  8. The More Things Change
  9. Stand-off!
  10. Ghost in the Machine