Tales of the USS Bluefin

Tales of the USS Bluefin is a fan fiction series about the captain and crew of a small border cutter, the USS Bluefin, set in the late 24th century in the immediate post-Dominion War period.  The series chronicles some of the adventures of Captain Joseph Akinola and the crew of the Bluefin. Due to instability following the Dominion War, the crew of the Bluefin is often called upon for escort and SAR missions far from her normal patrol area.

In many ways, the Starfleet Border Service performs a role similar to the modern-day U.S. Coast Guard. These men and women are not explorers, they are not diplomats, and they are not the front-line defenders of the Federation. But without Border Service crews on ships like the Bluefin, there would likely be more piracy, more smuggling, a larger slave trade, and fewer rescued space travelers.

Key Characters:

Captain of the USS Bluefin, a veteran of Starfleet’s Border Service and a mustang officer who has seen it all and on a mission to shut down the Orion Syndicate, one raider at the time.

Big, red and with plenty of attitude, Chief Brin is the Orion muscle on the Bluefin and not a man to be crossed. Ever.

  • T’Ser

All Vulcan but without the die-hard pragmatism, T’Ser is the operations manager on Bluefin and a v’tosh ka’tur, a Vulcan who has turned away from a life of pure logic.

Stories (available as PDF downloads):

  1. Semper Paratus | Novelette

    The Bluefin gets a new Executive Officer, Lt. Commander Inga Strauss, and just in time as the new XO is immediately put to the test.

  2. Storms and Shadows | Novella

    Picking up from where Semper Paratus leaves off, the Bluefin finds itself involved in intrigue while carrying off a rescue operation.

  3. Cascade Effect | Novelette

    The Bluefin and its fellow cutters Scamp and Adair find themselves in a dangerous position when Murphy’s Law strikes with a vengeance.

  4. Through a Glass, Darkly | Novelette

    As Captain Akinola learns more about the death of his old friend, the Bluefin is called to the aid of a distressed freighter being boarded by the new Maquis.

  5. Fatal Distraction | Novelette

    Time is a precious commodity and every moment, every second, should be savored as if it were the last because it might well be.

  6. Crossroads | Novelette

    Captain Akinola must answer a most difficult question: What is the most precious possession a man could have and what would that man be willing to do to safeguard it?

  7. The More Things Change | Novel

    Nothing in life stays the same. Life is change, people come then they go, goals change, old ties call you back, new challenges beckon. This holds as true for the crew of the USS Bluefin as it does for everyone else. Throw into the mix a ghost from the past seeking to reignite ancient rivalries and you have an explosive mix.

  8. Stand-off! | Novella

    Captain Akinola and the crew of the Bluefin face a test of nerves as they try to stop a runaway luxury liner filled with innocent tourists that had been hijacked by terrorists. Can the Bluefin save the liner and its passengers, neutralize the terrorists, and prevent an interstellar war?

  9. Ghost in the Machine | Novel

    Captain Akinola finds out that the answers to questions can sometimes be more disturbing than the questions themselves.


Inga Strauss finds herself displaced in time following an accident caused by an ion storm.

Set during the First Cardassian War when Joseph Akinola was Master Chief Petty Officer Joseph Akinola, Chief of the Boat of the USS Bluefin, and Solly Brin was a young hot-headed Petty Officer Third Class, this vignette details the early relationship between these two long-time comrades and friends and how it was forged in the heat of a brutal fight.

Never were more truthful words uttered than when William Tecumseh Sherman declared that “War is Hell.”  In this vignette, we get a small glimpse into what happens after a battle–in this instance, the turning point of the Dominion War, Operation Return.

Master Chief Joseph Akinola takes part in a military campaign during the first Cardassian War.

Solly Brin looks to get even with his enemies long after he has served on Bluefin.

Commander Inga Strauss is really creeped out by clowns, though she doesn’t really know why.