Star Trek: Independence


Star Trek: Independence is a Star Trek-based fan fiction series that takes place in the late 24th century created by Dnoth. Independence is set mostly Post-Dominion War and follows the adventure of impulsive rookie starship captain Sintina Aurelia who takes command of the newly commissioned, Steamrunner-class USS Independence.

Stories (available as PDF downloads):

001 | Prisoners of War | Novelette

On her last journey, the USS Midas and her crew covertly escort the Founder to Starbase 375. She puts a seed of doubt in bin Nadal’s mind and Captain Aurelia takes command of the Independence.

002 | Dark Horses | Novelette

Now on the USS Independence, Aurelia returns to DS9 to pick up her new first officer. An investigation is underway concerning him and Aurelia has already judged him. They have to work together for their first mission: capture a rogue Cardassian ship.

003 | Confidence | Novelette

En route to Cardassia Prime, the crew is beginning to get to know each other. Some of the crew have to learn how to deal with each other, whether they like their shipmates or not.

004 | The Spoils | Novelette

Not even a month since the end of the war and the Alpha Quadrant allies are beginning to fight over the spoils of war. Can the Independence crew keep a bad situation from getting worse?

005 | Retributions | Novelette

The USS Independence is sent to investigate the fate of a Cardassian prison camp. The crew find old friends … and old enemies.

006 | Crimes and Shadows | Novella

Independence is to return to Starbase. Aurelia must undergo training and Windslow has to face his demons.

007 | The Toltec | Novella

Sintina, Karim, and Windslow are all reminded in this tale that choices have consequences.

008 | The Way of the Gun | Novella

Nyota Uhura, the leader of a counter-31 group, must prevent presidential candidate Norah Satie from being assassinated. Ivan Cherenkov, joins elements of the crew to help Uhura, but a sadistic 31 asset won’t make it easy for them.

009 | The Expropriation | Novella

Section 31 decides that the Indy crew is no longer ‘under control’ and takes measures to eliminate them. Bin Nadal and Jinal must make a heroic effort to save the ship and crew.

010 | The Machines of War | Novella

On board their Steamrunner-class ship, the crew encounters an artificial planet and get caught in the middle of an ancient war.

011 | Eyes Uncovered | Short

The Indy arrives at Tama to return D’nas. Tensions among the crew, however, run high.

012 | For the Empire | Novel

The captain and crew of the Independence join forces with USS Perseus and USS Destrier to prevent a holocaust.

013 | Beneath the Raptor’s Wing | Novella

A Romulan commander wants to defect. Section 31, however, doesn’t want him to reach Federation space alive.

014 | Cui Bono | Novella

Indy is sent to help aid a pre-warp species. But they’ve taken on a mysterious passenger who claims Section 31 is following them in a cloaked ship

015 | Nadir | Novella

Doctor Zo’Kama Do’Matar and fellow Starfleet physician Ashley Wenera investigate a plague which has befallen an entire alien race.

Into the Night | Short

A brief vignette focusing on Ethan Windslow before he joined the Independence.

Renegade | Short

A Sintina focused vignette from her time on the Midas.

Wounds of Chin’toka | Short

Set on the Midas, this vignette explores the cost of war.