Star Trek: Pytheas


Star Trek: Pytheas is a prose series based around the voyages of the USS Pytheas and its crew. The series is set in 2378, five months after the USS Voyagerreturned to Earth.

The USS Pytheas (NCC-80951) is an Intrepid-class Federation starship in service during the 24th century.

The starship Pytheas was commissioned late 2377. Commander Aaron Wright took temporary command until the Pytheas was assigned to the Kursican sector in April 2378. At that time Captain Leza Astar, a joined Trill, took command at Starbase 535 in orbit of Kursica (or Kursican), a planet previously visited by the crew of the USS da Vinci four years earlier.

Much of the technology incorporated in the Pytheas was actually designed by Captain Kathryn Janeway while the USS Voyager was stranded in the Delta Quadrant after encountering the false Federation starship USS Dauntless NX-01-A. When the USS Voyager returned to Earth in 2377 and Janeway became an Admiral, her designs and upgrades were passed on to Starfleet Research and Development.

In late 2377 the new production run of Intrepid-class starships were released from the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards and the USS Pytheas (NCC-80951) was the first of these. Among the upgrades included phaser strips on the variable geometry nacelles, a combined stellar cartography and astrometrics laboratory and a prototype sensor array, the Sensor Probe Reconnaissance Array Network, or SPRA in Starfleet parlance.


  1. Extreme Prejudice, Part I | Novella

    Captain Leza Astar takes command of the USS Pytheas in a distant sector of space and discovers a wide-ranging biological attack across the entire sector.

  2. Extreme Prejudice, Part II | Novella

    As Astar works to undermine the machinations of the Cha’lav Hegemony, she learns that they have a bigger plan in mind and genocide is only the beginning.

  3. The All-Consuming Fire | Novella

    Captain Astar is tasked with returning an alien to his people but first she must traverse a region of space known as the Kursican Triangle, where a deadly creature is said to reign.

  4. To Serve The Unwise | Novella

    Captain Astar and the crew of the Pytheas find their loyalties tested when they reach the Eeroth homeworld, but when Astar is incapacitated and Commander Wright takes command, things take a turn for the worse.

  5. Fragments of Control | Novella

    Trapped in the Mirror Universe, Captain Astar must rescue the real Commander Wright and protect a Prophet from the ruthless Vorta Imperium and their Pah-wraith allies. The arrival of a familiar and hated adversary causes more trouble for the beleaguered crew.

  6. The Art of War | Novella

    The Kursican sector becomes a dangerous battleground between the advance foothold fleet of the Cha’lav Hegemony and local forces assisted by Starfleet, Klingon and Romulan forces.

  7. Broken Bridges | Novella

    While the Pytheas is being repaired, Captain Astar and the crew are transferred to the Gibraltar for a mission into the Delphic Expanse to mend relations with the Xindi after a century of silence. Lieutenant Talen returns home to Andor to assist Lieutenant Thirishar ch’Thane in finding a cure to the Andorian genetic crisis, but what they find will change Andorian culture forever.

  8. Secrets and Lies | Novella

    While Captain Astar faces a court martial, some of the crew take the opportunity to visit friends and family and put old ghosts to rest.