Star Trek: Lexington

Written by David Falkayn, Star Trek: Lexington is a fan fiction series set aboard the Constitution-class starship USS Lexington (NCC-1709). The series begins in 2265 and carries on through to 2270.

One of the original twelve Constitution-class starships, the Lexington, like its sister ships, is comprised of the best and brightest that Starfleet has to offer. Even though its primary purpose is exploration, like the territorial marshals of the Old West, the Lexington and its crew will be called upon to perform a wide variety of tasks out on the wild and untamed frontiers of the expanding Federation. While the theme of family does run through this series just as in its sister series, Star Trek: Sutherland and Star Trek: Perseus, Star Trek: Lexington seeks very much to capture the feeling of TOS Trek. Adventure, exploration, and confronting the unknown are all very important elements in this series.


  1. Meet the Lady | Novel

    While investigating the disappearance of a Federation scout craft, the crew of the USS Lexington, under their new commanding officer, Commodore Robert Wesley, encounter Klingons and a mystery.

  2. Downtime | Vignettes

    A series of vignettes focusing on the commanding officer and crew of the USS Lexington and also introducing Starbase 31 and its denizens and the USS Scipio and USS Kite and their captains: Captain Marietta DeVeers and Commander Dennis Mitchell.

  3. First Blood | ShortAliz Bathory undergoes a painful rite of passage when, for the first time, she takes the life of another sentient.

  4. Square Circle | Short

    This story takes place immediately after the events of the TOS episode “The Ultimate Computer”.

  5. Signs Amongst the Ruins | ShortA landing party from the Lexington explores ruins billions of years old and discovers a potentially dangerous technology from the past.