Star Trek: Intrepid


The Captain: Jason Daniel Aubrey, a native of 20th Century Earth who is abducted at the age of ten by a rogue Section 31 agent. Aubrey is a man out of time and a possible threat to the future of the Federation.

His ship: A refurbished Excelsior class battlecruiser, reborn to fight the Dominion.

His crew: An assortment of the best and, sometimes, the worst Starfleet has to offer.

Their adventures: The Dominion War and beyond in the universe of United Trek…

Star Trek: Intrepid is available at TrekBBS as well as Ad Astra.


  • The Double Edge | Novel

    While en route to the Kalandra sector, the beleaguered Tango Fleet stumbles upon the impending invasion of Betazed. Outnumbered and cut off from Starfleet, Admiral Jellico is forced to set a desperate gambit into motion.

    As a hopeless battle ensues, the crew of the USS Intrepid comes face to face with one of the galaxy’s most fearsome legends; a species of unequaled malevolence and destructive power. Captain Aubrey must soon choose between the risk of handing victory to the Dominion, or allowing an ancient horror to once again ravage the galaxy.

  • Midnight Closure | Short

    Commander Shantok receives a fateful visit from her estranged mother, but appearances can be deceiving, for the encounter is not all that it appears to be.

  • Treacherous Waters | Novel

    Gibraltar is pulled from her duties in occupied Cardassian territory to escort a diplomatic mission to the Gamma Quadrant.  When tragedy strikes, Captain Sandhurst finds he and his crew isolated on the far side of the galaxy and faced with the very real possibility of re-igniting hostilities with the Dominion.

    However, unknown to Gibraltar, the starship Intrepid is also currently assigned to the Gamma Quadrant on a secretive mission of the utmost delicacy.  Captain Aubrey and his crew must endeavor to discover the true nature of the threat that faces both ships, as well as avert a tragedy that could result in the deaths of billions.

  • Refugee Crisis: Hydra’s Arrow | Novella

    A massive starship is on a collision course with a populated world. Is this an attempted invasion or something else? Captain Aubrey and Intrepid have to act quickly to find out in order to protect a new ally.

    This story is a work in progress at the TrekBBS.