The Inth Crisis continues in Preemptive Maneuvers, Galen Holcomb’s next, thrilling Star Trek: Intrepid chapterNow posting at the TrekBBS.

The USS Intrepid has now been classified as a renegade vessel. Alone and cut off from all support from Starfleet Command, Captain Aubrey and his crew set out across enemy territory to complete a mission that may save civilization. Or is it an elaborate trap to resurrect the deadliest threat the galaxy has ever known? Even the captain’s most loyal officers begin doubting his motives.

As Aubrey confronts growing dissension among his crew, he becomes tortured by a series of waking nightmares that all point to a phantom childhood that contradicts everything he knows about his past.

In the meantime, the Dominion has learned of the deadly power aboard Aubrey’s ship and begins drawing plans to either capture or destroy this living weapon…

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